Do you want treatment, but you cannot come to one of our offices? Then we offer online treatment (video calling via the platforms Signal, Whereby, Zoom, Whatsapp). The treatment can take place entirely via video calling or in addition to other forms of treatment that we offer.

Our experience why people choose online treatment:

  • The distance: people stay abroad or live too far to visit one of our offices (regularly)
  • Savings in travel costs and travel time
  • Due to a busy or irregular lifestyle (including work, family, etc.), a regular visit to the office is not possible
  • Not being able to leave the house, for example due to limited mobility or because of caregiving to someone
  • Want a therapist who is not from their own region
  • Feeling uncomfortable to visit offices, that are related to healthcare
  • Feeling more comfortable by communicating via the internet than “in real life”