LdZ offers laughing meditation in group form.

Laughter is healthy and laughter is the best medicine for its well-known expressions. Laughter is associated with many positive things. This is supported by various scientific studies from different parts of the world. Besides that laughter works disarming and gives it a good feeling, it also has a positive effect on the immune and cardiovascular system and reduces pain and skin diseases. In short, there is every reason to laugh, but do we do that too?

Ask yourself: how often do I laugh in a day or a week? Probably not as often as you would like and certainly not as often as when you were a baby and child. Laughter is often associated with baby and childhood. As an adult we would have little reason to laugh so we laugh much less. After all, the various responsibilities associated with adulthood and the accompanying suffering pressure give little cause for laughter. In addition, adulthood is associated with seriousness, which is a counter-association with laughter. Because of this, laughing in so-called serious adult situations is often seen as inappropriate.

And this is a great pity, because if laughter is healthy and it is the best medicine for all sorts of complaints, we should laugh more. One way to laugh more and work on your health and well-being is to do laughter meditation in group form. You laugh in laughter meditation without needing a specific reason. In addition, laughter with others works contagiously and promotes social interaction. During laughther  meditation you laugh at each other and not at each other. Laughter connects and disarming. Also for physical health research shows that laughter in group form is more effective than ‘solo laughter’.

Do you have the idea that there is little to laugh about in your life, you are a bit braked or do you have physical or mental complaints? Then laughter meditation in group form might be something for you. Also people who think they laugh often enough laughter meditation in group form is suitable. You can never laugh TOO MUCH.

Are you interested in laughter meditation, which we offer or do you have questions please contact us.

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